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The Avenue Learning Centre

People | Problems | Potential

The Avenue Learning Centre

The Avenue Learning Centre offers a range of online learning solutions based on the work of renowned author Neil Thompson and his colleagues. The main focus of the work is the Three Ps that have underpinned all Neil’s work:

People | Problems | Potential

Where there are people, there will be problems, but there will also be potential. Our approach to learning concentrates on addressing the problems and realising the potential.

Course Information

We are now able to offer a wide range of learning resources and educational programmes and systems, all focused on achieving optimal results by addressing problems and realising potential.

The Avenue Subscription Service

This service gives access to over 50 online courses for up to 300 staff for just £3,000 plus VAT – it can work out at as little as £10 per person for a full year. Click the link below for more details.


A 12-month leadership programme geared towards achieving optimal results by converting vicious circles into virtuous ones. Includes online mentoring. Available soon.

Leading for Success

A sophisticated, expert-led six-month leadership programme focusing on achieving the best results through excellence in teamwork and team development. Available soon.

How to Maximise Staff Retention

A short course available in virtual reality as well as conventional HD video – an ideal resource for helping to reduce staff turnover and establish stability in the staff group.

Leadership in Care

A short course available in virtual reality as well as conventional HD video – an introduction to the importance of leadership as the basis for person-centred care. Available soon.

The Social Work Finishing School

Join leading author Neil Thompson in preparing for your transition from student to fully fledged social worker or, if you are an experienced worker or manager, enjoy this refresher.